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The Gut Solution

The Gut Solution


Anyone experiencing problems with their gut health will know that years of issues cannot be un-done with simply eating a bit better. Inflammatory responses within the body go way deeper than just adding a bit more fruit/veg to your diet or starting probiotcs. Sometimes a full reset is required to rest and reset digestive health.


This programme has been written after I had an absolute nightmare with my own bloating and gut health DESPITE eating really well and living a very healthy lifestyle. I followed this procedure – it worked like a dream (I even made a full recovery from the dairy I was previously unable to tolerate) and I realised there are probably a lot of other people out there who would also benefit from a full reset. This plan is designed for people that despite looking after themselves, believe their gut health is poor. They maybe experiencing symptoms such as a constant low mood, poor immunity, depression/anxiety, sleep issues, autoimmune issues, migraines, brain fog, bloating, irregular toilet habits, tiredness and/or reflux. This gut reset will help you recover from past damage – sometimes called a ‘leaky gut’ and finally start to feel well again.


I hope you feel so much better soon! Enjoy!


Disclaimer: This plan is not designed replace medical advice, you should speak to your GP to rule out any other issues and use this plan in addition to medical protocol.

  • What this includes.....

    What You Will Get Today When You Order This Plan

    Elimination Diet Recipe Pack

    30 recipes with full calorie and macro breakdowns.

    Four Week Meal Plan

    This meal plan uses the recipes from the recipe pack and includes a full grocery list for each week.

    Approved Snack Guide

    I am always asked which snacks are best. Use this guide for an easy explanation of go-to snacks during the elimination phase.

    Yes and No Food List

    A simple guide of foods which will harm and those which will heal during this phase

    How To Guide

    Understand why and how to do this elimination diet. This guide also helps with the reintroduction phase.

    Symptom Chart

    Use this chart daily to track any reactions to food during the reintroduction phase.

    What Recipes in This Bundle Include:

    • Clean protein such as beef, poultry, and fish.
    • Gut healing foods such as bone broth, garlic, ginger, apple cider vinegar and more.
    • ​Variety to be sure you are meeting their micronutrient needs and getting plenty of anti-oxidants.
    • ​Simple meals that are easy to make.
    • ​Meal plan includes meal prep suggestions and a full grocery list for each week.

    What Recipes in This Bundle Do Not Include

    • Gluten, dairy, eggs, nuts/seeds, grains, corn, soy, nightshades, and legumes (though the plan does include a guide on how and when to reintroduce these foods – abstaining is only temporary).
    • ​Harmful oils such as canola oil, vegetable oil, and processed seed oils.
    • ​Highly processed foods.
    • ​Complex meals that take hours to prepare.
    • ​Unusual ingredients that are difficult to find.


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