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Ways I can help you reach your goals

REPS registered PT, Essex, Braintree
fully qualified and insured
personal trainer, braintree, essex, pt, nutritionist

1-1   Nutrition Coaching

You will receive a bespoke plan to follow based on where you are, where you want to be and what you need to do to get you there. I will then be with you every step of the way providing unlimited support, messages, calls and weekly check-ins to ensure you achieve your target as quickly as possible.

1-1 Nutritional Coaching

Would this be suitable for me?

  • Are you fed up of trying every diet out there, only to fail and finish off worse than where you started?

  • Maybe you are confused with all the conflicting advice out there regarding diets and just want the truth about what actually works

  • Have you been exercising but are not seeing any changes?

  • Do you have goals in mind but struggle to workout due to time/injuries/lifestyle?

  • Are you physically fit, but feel your physique does not reflect this visually?

  • Want to lose body fat but struggle with emotional eating?

  • Maybe you work hard all week, but undo all that work at the weekend without realising.

  • You may even know what you ‘should’ be doing, but for some reason just cannot tap into the right mindset to get started…

  • Take control of your health, weight and lifestyle. 

What is Nutrition Coaching?

  • Understand your body's individual requirements and learn 'the language of food

  • Lose body fat, gain muscle and get out the 'diet trap' mentality" 

  • No restrictive plans, fits in with any lifestyle (busy parent, professional, shift worker)

  • Suitable for all special requirements (vegan, vegetarian, coeliac, all allergies and personal tastes catered for)

  • Simple to follow and no food is banned, so no feelings of deprivation exist. 

  • No contract or tie ins

  • 100% success rate when the programme is given full adherence 

  • Free app tracks progress which i will monitor remotely and provide full guidance on

How does it work?

Coaching can be either a one-off month to get you started with the correct foundations (calorie/macronutrient targets/amounts etc) and in the future you can manage yourself or it can be an ongoing monthly service where I will be by your side throughout any major goal or preparation for a competition or event. It will usually consist of a consultation followed by tailored plan being sent to you and whilst you are being coached on this plan, you will get unlimited support, guidance and regular adjustments to the plan as and where are required. 

What do you get?

  • An initial consultation to look into your medical history, goals, health and circumstances and also establish trigger foods, behavioural patterns and past barriers to success.

  • Weekly telephone reviews to track progress where I will make adaptions to plan if needed.

  • Bespoke nutritional advice and guidelines. 

  • Mindset work; I can help identify what is holding you back and use my coaching qualifications and courses in psychology to address the root cause of the problem (such as stress/anxiety) rather than just treat the symptoms (such as weight gain). It is on these calls that most of the work will be done.  

  • Macro-nutrient and calorie setting to provide a ‘flexible dieting approach’ (no one size fits all plan!!)

  • Unlimited support and guidance for the month 

  • Access to an exclusive members area online containing a HUGE library of free resources - I believe this is the largest of any coach, including guides on eating out, alcohol, apps, recipes etc. Finally, when you are my client you also have unlimited free access to any plan/guide I sell online (such as protein meal plans, gut health etc)

  • Personal Training packages and training plans are also available at an additional cost.

nutritionist, pt, fat loss expert, female healthcare

Programmes & Meal Plans

Achieve your goals and experience success with programmes you can follow at home and in your own time, these programmes provide all the information you need, but are self-led learning.Take the guesswork out of what you should be eating with 6 months’ worth of pre-written meal plans, geared around providing optimum health. Choose from standard, dairy and gluten free or vegetarian options and ALL plans come with recipes and shopping lists as standard

DNA testing, gene therapy

DNA Testing

Have you ever wondered if you are genetically predisposed to weight gain? Or serious health conditions such as diabetes or cardiac issues? A simple saliva test can reveal all this and more!

online coach, diet plans, weightloss

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Access tips, support and motivation from others who are on the same journey as you

Personal T
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Personal Training & Bespoke Gym Programmes

Are you at a loss about what to do in the gym? Do you feel you are not optimising your workout time? Let me provide structure and variety with a shortcut to the quickest possible results.

professional personal trainer
1-on-1 Personal Training
Currently Fully Booked

Not only will you learn the correct techniques and be given your own programme, but you will also enjoy the most efficient, safe and fun workouts totally bespoke to you, your goals and honouring any injuries ... I utilise many advanced training methods and specialise in womens health, pre & post natal and weight loss journeys (as I am supported by additional qualifications in these fields).

Bespoke Gym Programmes

A fully personalised package written around your goals, the equipment you have access to and any injuries and limitations you may have.

Group Training
Currently Fully Booked

Spread the cost and work out with friends... I am fully insured with a full range of equipment and can meet you at home, a gym or anywhere that is convenient.

Let's get started!

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