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Improve how you think, act and behave with NLP

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is a way of improving someone’s thoughts, habits and behaviours to help achieve desired outcomes for them. It treats the root cause and addresses why we do something (rather than trying to avoid the undesirable habit via sheer grit and mental strength). NLP is offered as a complimentary service when needed within the cost of Nutrition Coaching. If you would like to enquire about NLP on its own, please contact me below.  

Image by Darius Bashar

How can NLP help me?

From early childhood we are subconsciously influenced in how we see food and drink – from well-meaning family giving you junk food ‘as a treat’, to advertising effecting our everyday choices and the addictive qualities of certain foods like sugar, often the choices we make are not in our best interests or aligned with our goals. No matter how much you want to change, if you have these beliefs, views and behaviours deeply ingrained it can be exceptionally difficult to tackle yourself. NLP changes how you see things and unpicks years of conditioning, eating habits and will make the change so much easier by tackling the root cause (the desire to consume certain things) rather than simply focusing on the symptom (for example weight gain).

What is the success rate?

I don’t use NLP with every client (not everyone needs it), but when I do, it has provided successful results with everyone I have used it on.

What qualifications do you hold in this? 

I am a qualified and insured NLP Master Practitioner and certified NLPEA ‘Transformation Coach’ (NLP Association of Excellence). 

What Clients Say

I felt so empowered doing the NLP program, before I started my session I couldn't understand why my mind will tell me one thing and my actions would do another.

Being coached by my therapist Annabelle changed my entire way of thinking. 

She broke down a lot of points which helped me to really understand how the mind works, which allowed me to dig deep and connect certain dots that may have caused unwanted triggers.

I was also given a task (that I initially thought I couldn't complete) but with Annabelle's patience and encouragement as well as the tools given to me, I am not only shocked but proud that I was able to see the task through. My session was enlightening, l highly recommend this program if you want to take steps in gaining control of your mind. - Funmi on tackling binge eating. 

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