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Female Health Coach, Local, Hormonal Support

I am a lifestyle coach and nutritional mentor, specialising in body composition changes through diet and exercise. My aim is to empower people who are tired of being at war with their bodies and my passion is getting clients from feeling tired, defeated and unhappy with their physiques to confident, energised and 'finding themselves' again. I fully understand the various psychological, emotional and even addictive behaviours that can contribute to weight gain and food issues and it is my intention to help people not only change their lifestyle, but more importantly actually learn to prefer this way of living

Kind Words

Cant recommend Annabelle enough
She is more than a personal trainer, shes a friend, counsellor and all round wonderful human being !

I have PT with Annabelle on and off for years and she never fails to get the best from you, she is a constant calm in my life !

- Rachael

Annabelle is worth her weight in gold! She listens, is knowledgeable and helped me lose nearly 3 stone in weight that I couldn’t do with any other weight loss programme. Thank you Annabelle!

- Alexandra

Annabelle is amazing. She really takes the time to get to know you and is great at motivation. As a mum she is completely understanding and helpful when it comes to fitting things around children (including using them during workouts when they won’t be put down!)

Recently doing the 12 week programme has been so great at helping me get in the mindset I know I need to be in and keeping me there. She’s always full of useful ideas and suggestions about how to fit things into a busy lifestyle.

Cannot recommend her enough 😊
- Kirsty

After years of trying so many different diets, including the “big names”, I decided I needed to do a program specifically for me! Someone suggested I contact Annabelle, and I’m so glad I did! In the first six months I’ve learnt about food, the importance of water and mental well being. I’ve lost more weight in this time than I ever had and I’m enjoying food and exercise.
Annabelle has been there to support me every step of the way!

- Corinne

Making Progress

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