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Kind Words

I cant thank you enough for keeping me on the straight and narrow through all this. I was in the worst place and am so in your debt where you have changed my life for the better and continue to do so. I never thought this would be a way to change my life, but our sessions each week really have made a difference and knowing i can text you anytime to keep me on track is the best. I bet when you started coaching you didn't realise how much of an impact you'd have on people, but when i say you have saved me from myself i really mean it. I would have become a terrible mum, person and friend without your support, never forget the impact you have on peoples lives and when i send the same stats in each week, don't feel deflated as you help me in ways you'll never know. You honestly are a lifesaver and i wanted to let you know what that means to me xx


Name spared on request

I started with Annabelle in June 2021, and since that time my only regret is not starting sooner. To know there is someone at the other end of the phone I can message my achievements, my bad days, help with eating out choices and weight loss wins at any time or day is first-class. I know the things Annabelle has taught me are going to stick with me for life, not just whilst I’m dieting. Thank you always to the most caring, positive, marvellous Annabelle!!


Lauren H

(-4 stone down)

I first met Annabelle in 2018 when for medical reasons I needed to lose a load of weight, and thought it was completely in impossible, as I’d always been on the larger side. Annabelle not only helped me to achieve a

6 stone weight loss in a year, but taught me so much about food, nutrition, and my own body. But she doesn’t just look at what you’re eating, and what your weight/body measurements are, she assesses the whole situation, what’s going on in your world that will affect your progress and results. She’s always available to answer any questions you have no matter how small. I’ve worked with a lot of coaches for various things in my time but I’ve never met anyone who’s coaching style is as brilliant and as successful as Annabelle’s. She’s taught me so much that I’ll never go back to eating or thinking about food and exercise in the same way I used to. My only regret is not meeting Annabelle sooner, she’s just amazing.


Katie H (-6 stone down)

I’ve been working with Annabelle for a few years now and honestly couldn’t ask for anything more from a personal trainer. Her dedication to your goals & attention to detail, whilst pushing you to give your best really does mean you achieve great things! Annabelle ensures that you never get bored with the programmes she carefully designs for each individual, even after all these years my programmes are always varied and perfectly planned to match with what I want to achieve. Annabelle has also given me excellent advice with regards to several injuries I’ve had and always managed to keep me training without jeopardising recovery. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Annabelle.


Laura M

I have my demons and still fall

back on them occasionally but

i have learnt my old way of

living wasn't making me happy.

If I didn't have to check in with

you regularly no doubt they

would have taken over...

Having our calls and check ins

provides a point of reference

which makes me feel like i

have to do better. I have been

honest about the good and

bad days, but the calorie help

doesn't equate to the mental help

you've given me.

One day I will post a picture

of me when I reach my goal

and it will say how this woman

overcame so much more than

just trying to lose weight and

i can tell people that even with depression you can overcome

what is thrown at you. This day

will be the best day for me

and keeps me going

Anon due to sensitive nature

Thank you! I'm feeling and looking great, so thank you so much for your support! Its really worked... I have learnt so much about nutrition and lifestyle from you and feel really confident to manage this myself now..

- Livvy B

It's definitely not a 'one size fits all' approach with Annabelle. She really listens and created a personalised plan to help me achieve my goals. Regular check ins and motivational messages also help keep me on track. Nutrition is clearly a passion for Annabelle and i have found the whole experience of working with her to be educational, empowering and inspiring. Thank you xxx


Fran R

What can i say? Annabelle is amazing and knows her stuff! I used to think that eating less and exercising more was the right thing to do, but I was so wrong and that's where this lovely gentle lady came into my life and changed my way of thinking. I now flip to and from Annabelle when i need some more help and guidance and she is always happy to help. Thank you x

- Zoe H

I didn’t think it was possible for PT’s to train with so much love and care, and still able to get the job done!

My experience with Annabelle has been an absolute dream. If you are looking for a coach, that’s
understanding, non judgmental, attentive, knowledgeable, relatable and is all about you and achieving your goals, and most importantly making exercise enjoyable. She certainly ticks all the boxes and more.

Very happy indeed! 😊


Making Progress


After years of trying so many

different diets, including the

“big names”, I decided I needed

to do a program specifically for

me! Someone suggested I contact Annabelle, and I’m so glad I did!

In the first six months I’ve learnt

about food, the importance of

water and mental well being.

I’ve lost more weight in this time

than I ever had and I’m enjoying

food and exercise.
Annabelle has been there to

support me every step of the way!


Corinne G

I’ve tried many diets over the years

and to be honest I managed to

loose some weight but always

plateaued and what I found was I

was very confused when it came

to foods / good foods and how

to implement it into a lifestyle.

With Annabelle’s plan I learnt so

much about good foods that

managed to make it a lot simpler

to stay on track. I also learnt a lot

about how my body works. All of

this is why I think it was successful

for me.. That and Annabelle’s

coaching calls- which with a call to

be accountable instead of a

group meeting where I can hide in the

corner, I managed to reach my goal!


Paige B

I have worked with Annabelle

Smith off and on for years. As a

distance runner and cyclist she has helped me to achieve so many of

my goals, and helped me change

my approach to sports nutrition.

She listens to my concerns and

busy schedule and sets achievable

plans. Her refreshing approach to coaching and nutrition works well

for me as no foods are banned, but she’ll also be honest and give me a

‘kick up the bum’ when I need it!
She seeks to educate about food choices rather than preach, so if

you want that G&T on a Friday

night you can have it, but you understand the calories it has in it.

As a working mum she also

understands the juggle it can be to

train and stick to plan around

family life. Annabelle really knows

her stuff, and I have since gone on

to recommend her to several of

my friends and family who have all

had amazing success with her

approach to coaching.


Christina H

I attended personal training with Annabelle for quite a few years,

she is fab!
Very reliable, always on time, and

always delivered the drive I needed.
She is extremely knowledgeable,

and would always work with any

injuries I had.
I felt comfortable training with her,

and gave me the confidence I

needed if I ever attended the gym

on my own.
Polite and honest person, and I

would not hesitate to use her

services again in the future.


Jenna G

I’ve been using Annabelle’s services maybe slightly different to most as I have been trying to find ways to put on muscle/weight which is learning to accept to eat more. She guided me in ways to slowly increase calories without feeling guilty and ultimately allowing for muscle to grow. She

was only a message away and

would reply quickly with the

answers I needed even if it was something small and simple
Thank you!


Jenna B

Annabelle has helped me on numerous occasions over the last few years. Firstly, to get back in shape safely after having a baby and more recently with my nutrition to gain more muscle. Annabelle is so knowledgeable and supportive and always has titbits of advice when you need them most. If you are thinking of any sort of lifestyle change then Annabelle is the one to get you there.


Amy Drew

Annabelle came recommended to me by a friend. Following two children I needed to lose weight and get back to fitness. Annabelle was so supportive and helped me put in place good eating habits, enjoy exercise again and get the results I wanted. I continue to train with Annabelle working towards my fitness goals and always feel she is rooting for me to succeed in achieving my personal goals.


Lorna B

Annabelle has taught me a lot on

my weight loss journey. I used to

fixate on the number on the scales

but for me now it’s more how I feel

in myself! The scales didn’t really

change much for me but with Annabelle’s help I didn’t quit I kept going & noticed my shape

changed & old clothes started to

feel more comfortable again.

Without her help I’d have given up

& reached for a slice of cake to

make myself feel better. 
Annabelle has been a great help

in my attitude to food & exercise.

She’s quick in replying, reliable

& honest.


Angela C

Your support and guidance was transformational for me at the time. I had yo-yoyoed all my life before working with you, yet have maintained your results for the last 3 years easily due to the knowledge i learned along the way


Carol L


My Client Suzanne
(above) from
looking amazing 

I first met Annabelle when she was a PT in my local gym, but due to being pregnant I left. I continued to follow her FB page as I was interested in her experience in post-natal health and nutrition. I quickly realised how like minded we were and how I resonated with every post she posted. It was then I got back in touch with Annabelle to help me lose my baby weight. It was only after a few months that I quickly realised I was in that fad diet cycle, in denial and completely dependent on food to make me emotionally happy. Annabelle not only supports my weight loss journey but helps me to understand why I am the way I am, how fad diets are not the way to eat and the need to drop the unhealthy yo-yo dieting together with thinking that there are ‘bad or naughty foods to avoid. I still have a long way to go but I can see the changes in my thinking and take a positive out of my day rather than see a negative. Annabelle has helped me focus on the foundations of my weight loss which I truly believe is a massive step to sustaining my weight loss in the future.

Julie P

Annabelle was recommended to

me by a family member as I

was  struggling with stomach

related  issues and trying to

lose weight.  Annabelle just

'got me' and completely

understood how I was feeling

mentally and physically. 

With her invaluable knowledge

and experience I felt comfortable following her advice and for the

first time in many years, I am

starting to feel like my old self

again.  It was a rocky road to

begin with as my digestive

system was fighting against the

previous years of dieting and if

it wasn't for Annabelle's support,

I would have given up quite early

on but I'm so glad I persevered

as I'm now starting to reap the

rewards - happier digestive system,

less bloated, more energy,

clearer mindset,  physically

stronger and losing weight.

Annabelle's a true inspiration and

I'm so glad she is with me on

this journey to a 'healthier' and

'happier' me.


Sarah Holt

Tried diet clubs & been talked to like a 5yr old & had enough?!  I had,

then started to work with someone who is a realist, knows what it’s like  to juggle work, life & trying to have a healthy lifestyle, dosent judge, has

the patience of a saint and is totally on your side.. Annabelle is just that person you won’t regret it!!

Vicky P

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