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iPhone Hack To Instantly Reduce 'Overwhelm'

One of the main reasons clients come to me is they are struggling with time, overwhelm and life pressures which make finding time to improve their health seem like an impossible task… In all truth most people know roughly what they could do in order to improve their wellbeing, it’s just the implementation which can be difficult when there are also children, jobs, partners, pets and general life all vying for the precious time you do have.

Whilst I cannot offer extra hours in the day, I am very used to streamlining the 24 hours we do have, which in turn frees up extra time for you!

Take this hack for iPhone users … are you utilising this handy little option, located in the top right-hand drop-down menu? There’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ etc, but also the ‘Personal’ option allows you to silence all notifications except those specifically chosen by you, to allow you quality time without distractions… You’ll probably want to always allow calls from children, partners and schools etc, which you can specify, but having this function on during busy work periods, gym sessions or even just at the end of the day certainly feels like it gives you time and focus back… whether you choose to use the uninterrupted time to be more productive or simply switch off, I highly recommend it for reducing the overwhelm that technology exacerbates.

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