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Protein Bundle (Meal Plans, Recipes and much more)

For the cost of just £1 per day for a month...

High Protein Recipe Pack:

30 high protein and low carb recipes with full calorie and macro breakdowns (portion sizes may need to be adapted should your own goals be different).

Four Week Meal Plan: Exactly what to eat and when - a selection of healthy, 'clean' and delicious options covering every meal for a month...

Full shopping list and guide: with exact amounts needed for each week so you only buy what you need.

High Protein Snack Ideas: Use this guide for some easy inspiration of healthy and cheap high protein foods.  

Protein Portion Guide: Understand how much protein is in common foods and what one portion looks like.

Clean Protein Shopping Guide: Most people don't know what "clean" protein is and how to shop for it. Make this as simple as possible.

Healthy Condiment Blueprint: Don't ruin a good meal by slathering it with unhealthy condiments. Here is a guide to which condiments are best.



Protein Bundle (Meal Plans, Recipes and much more)

  • Congratulations on your decision to improve your health and fitness with some guidance on food choices. I am delighted you have chosen me to assist you on this journey, as with any business I would like to draw your attention to the terms and conditions. 


    ·         I (the client) understand that it is my responsibility to review food labels and manufacturer guidance with regards to food allergies and intolerances. AS Coaching accepts no liability for consumption of allergens.


    ·         These plans are designed to offer nutritious, healthy meals with the focus being on high protein & clean eating. Should you require a more bespoke or specialised diet – such as building muscle, then this plan may not be suitable.


    ·         Clients are responsible for adhering to these meal plans (and any calorie targets they choose to follow) and are fully accountable in achieving their personal goals.


    ·         I have encouraged a wide range of foods in these plans and a they provide a healthy balanced diet, but AS Coaching cannot be held accountable for any nutritional deficiencies or ailments a client may have now or in the future.


    ·         Refunds will not be issued for any reason once the plans have been received and accepted by the client. 


    ·         Caloric balance will dictate whether a client gains weight or loses weight, regardless of the type of food consumed. It is the client’s responsibility to manage portion sizes accordingly in line with their desired outcome. 


    ·         These meal plans are designed to be self-managed. Should you require coaching to help with motivation, encouragement and accountability this is a separate service and further details can be found on

    Please do email me at should you have any questions regarding the plans you have purchased though.


    ·         I (the client) agree to the above terms and conditions and understand of no reason why it would be not considered safe to commence a nutrition programme at this stage.


    ·         I (the client) appreciate that a change in diet or lifestyle should always be discussed with my doctor before commencing.


    ·         I (the client) understand that it is prohibited to share or reproduce this information

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