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Weight Loss Remodelled - 12 Week 1:1 Transformation Programme Paid In Full

Welcome to my Signature 1:1 Body & Mind Transformation Programme ' Weight Loss Remodelled'. 


In this elite level programme i'll teach you step by step how to finally lose weight and keep it off - even if you feel like you've failed a thousands of times before. My approach is designed to change the way you think, plus give you all the knowledge and support you need to experience transformational change and food freedom, in 12 weeks or less.


Within this programme you will receive:


* A comprehensive health assessment including lab tests, this is via a saliva test which can be done from home*

* Your very own smart scale, which tells you exactly how much fat you are losing, plus tells us about your bone mass, muscle mass and many other key metrics so we can pinpoint results.

* A 60 – 90 minute deep-dive to look into your medical history, goals, health and circumstances and also establish trigger foods, behavioural patterns and past barriers to success to ensure your plan is perfect for you.

* Your own food diary analysed to see where we need to improve, then a bespoke plan will be written for you, including nutritional advice & an exercise schedule. This will be updated when needed.

* 12 x weekly check-ins

* 12 x video tutorials and accompanying workbook to teach the science and facts and provide lots of handy tips and techniques. This structured weekly approach to learning ensures you’re on track for a huge transformation.

* Weekly 1-1 calls to track progress where I will make adaptions to the plan if needed. These calls will include mindset work and I will call on a range of modalities such as NLP if required.

* ‘Coach in your pocket’ (Unlimited support and guidance from myself via Whats App)

* Access to an exclusive members area online containing a HUGE library of free resources , including guides on blood sugar control, protein, alcohol, time saving hacks, snack ideas and much more.You can mostly eat what you enjoy within this programme as long as it fits your targets, however for those who like a solid structure there is a full range of flexible meal plans and recipes with corresponding shopping lists for some food inspiration. Aside from the standard weightloss and health options I have also included high protein, dairy & gluten free and vegetarian plans.

* Access to a supportive group of clients also on the same journey - lifelong friends have been made here and via our social events.

* Finally, when you are my client you also have free access to any plan/guide I sell online. I have a full range of meal plans with corresponding shopping lists, including specialised ones for gut health, gluten & dairy free etc)

**The test you will receive is a Muhdo DNA Health Test Kit, full details can be found out 

**The scale will be a Renpro 5* rated smart scale, compatible with any smart phone. In the event that these items are sold out from my supplier, I shall arrange an a different brand offering the same functions or at LEAST the same value.


This option is discounted as you have chosen to pay in full. After this we will book a full consultation and if during this call you or I feel the programme maybe unsuitable, then the whole amount will be fully refunded for any reason and without question. If you are happy to continue and  instruct me to go ahead I will commence work on your file. You will recieve a client welcome pack immediatly, then I will be in touch immediatly to arrange the next steps. 


Before proceeding with this transaction please read the terms and conditions below which will explain all about refunds amongst other things. 


Weight Loss Remodelled - 12 Week 1:1 Transformation Programme Paid In Full

£1,332.00 Regular Price
£1,150.00Sale Price
  • Congratulations on your decision to join Weight Loss Remodelled. I am delighted you have joined us, as with any business I would like to draw your attention to the codes of practice and Terms and Conditions...

    * There are two ways to secure your place on this programme…

    ~You can make a £182 saving if you choose to pay upfront as a one off payment of £1150 (THIS OPTION)

    ~ Or you pay the deposit of £333  (which will be followed by X3 further payments of £333 which are due 4 weeks apart),  if you wish to take this option please go back to the original page and select this option instead. 

    A full refund of whatever you paid online will be offered if either of us decide the programme is unsuitable/not what you wanted on our consultation call following signing up. We will aim to chat immediately, and the cancellation can be for any reason, no questions asked…

    * With the exception of the ‘Guarantee of Results’ below (which is only reviewed at the end of the programme), refunds will not be issued for any reason after the plan has been written by myself and received by the client (usually after a week after the consultation call). By signing up for the program you are agreeing to the terms and payment dates that have been outlined to you.

    * This programme comes with a fully refundable Guarantee of Results. Applications for this will need to be received in writing within 7 days of full completion of the programme and will be accessible to any client who has not lost at least 1 stone in weight. For this to be payable every step must have been followed as per the below guidance.

    ~ The client must have completed the program as per the intended timeframe of 12 weeks.

    ~ The client will need to have a completed a daily food diary of these 12 weeks to show full adherence of targets.

    ~ This program was written to have a cumulative effect, i.e. each week we will build on the previous weeks work, so if you miss a module in the workbook/check in/coaching call, this will forfeit your guarantee as it is in turn less likely to yield results if you are not focused.

    These terms are in place to ensure full adherence to the programme, meaning you are most likely to get the best out of your investment. 50% effort will likely equal 50% results.

    * Within your coaching you can have as much contact from me as you need to feel supported, some clients are very self-sufficient whilst others need more, you set the pace of how much help you need so please do feel you can contact me anytime. My business hours are 8-6pm Monday – Friday and 8am until 1pm Saturday. Any messages outside these hours will be responded to as a matter of urgency as soon as I am back in my office.

    * I encourage a wide range of food and a healthy balanced diet, but as I am not prescribing a 'fixed' diet I cannot be held accountable for any limited food choices clients may make which could result in potential nutritional deficiencies or ailments. E.g if you choose to live on less healthy choices, then you accept that is your choice.

    * The test you will receive is a Muhdo DNA Health Test Kit, full details can be found out

    * The scale will be a Renpro highly rated smart scale, compatible with any smart phone Both these items will be posted out to you immediately upon receiving payment to secure your space.

    * In the event that these items are sold out from my supplier, I shall arrange a different brand offering the same functions of at LEAST the same value, or I will arrange for the same value to be refunded back to you.

    * If you or I have any holiday or significant illness of over a week, during your programme I will ‘freeze*’ your plan (so you are not paying for a week you are not around for). * Freezing just means pausing all work and payments for an agreed time frame until the holiday or illness has passed.

    * Clients are advised that every plan is bespoke and written just for you and will not be suitable for someone else. This material is therefore protected by copyright laws and sharing or reproducing of its contents is strictly prohibited.

    * Please let me know asap if you can no longer attend a coaching call - ideally 24 hours’ notice as this will give me the opportunity to offer the appointment to another person.

    * I (the client) will be diligent to inform you of any concerns during the process such as fatigue, changes in energy, moods or any adverse effects and I will you advised of any future health conditions that could affect matters.

    * I (the client) have read this document in its entirety and answered/will answer the future client questionnaire honestly. I agree to the above terms and conditions and understand of no reason why it would be not considered safe to commence this program at this stage.

    * These Terms & Conditions are displayed on the website for easy downloading. 

    By proceeding now, you will be confirming you have read these terms & conditions and they are acceptable to you.

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