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Ready to lose weight and reclaim freedom around food? 

Lose weight and feel like 'you' again...

'Weight loss Remodelled' is the definitive mind and body transformation programme, which not only guarantees a minimum weight loss (otherwise a full refund is offered)*, but more importantly changes the way you think and behave around food.

Arming you with all the knowledge and support you need, to experience transformational change and food freedom, in 12 weeks or less. 

* Terms & conditions apply, see below...

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My signature 1:1 programme treats the CAUSE (behaviour, emotions & habits around food), not just the SYMPTOM (the weight gain itself) which is why it works..

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You Deserve To Enjoy Food And Have A Body You Are Proud Of 

It can be so much easier than big weight loss companies would have you believe...

Even if you have a really busy life and don't have much time...

  • Maybe you've already tried every diet going and never succeeded long term...

  • Maybe you obsess over what you eat, but for what? No progress has been made anyway, so you find yourself thinking 'whats the point'? 

  • Perhaps you're confused with all the conflicting advice out there...

  • You might have been exercising, but are not seeing the changes you deserve...

  • Maybe you know what you 'should' be doing, but for some reason you cannot tap into the right mindset to get started yourself...

  • Want to lose weight, but struggle with emotional eating?

  • Maybe you hold off doing certain things 'until you lose the weight'?

  • Or you're 'good' all week, then struggle to maintain things at the weekend which keeps you stuck and never moving forwards...

You may have even resigned yourself to the fact this is 'just you' nowadays...


You're In The Right Place. 

I've worked with thousands of overwhelmed and frustrated clients over the last 10+ years who didn't think they could ever actually change.

These people all know they should be eating more fruits & vegetables and moving more (who doesn't!), yet their busy working days mean time is limited and they just never seem to be able to move forwards with things. I do not subscribe to the 'state the obvious camp' of talking about getting your '5 a day' etc, we ALL know that. What I do is help you to implement easy to follow, simple systems to get you moving forwards, plus I will be with you 1-1 every step of the way.

How Would It Feel To...

Be able to wear whatever you want, NOT just jeans and floaty tops as they are flattering?

Remove the constant mental battle of I 'should' lose weight but then doing something else that sets you even further back? 

Lose weight and keep it off forever as you'll learn a new way of doing things?

Never feel 'less than' again?

Have the confidence back which you had in your 20s?

Find it easy to make food choices, easy to shop and easy to be flexible with food?

Enjoy fun times like swimming without fear over how you look?

Look at mirrors and photo's and feel happy with what you see?

Not have to exercise control all the time around food & drink you enjoy? 

Have your daily actions align easily with your goals?, so no more 'why did I do that' when thinking back and feeling guilty.

Achieve such a transformation that you know you'll never go back to where you are now

How Would It Change Your Confidence?
And In Turn Your Work, Relationships And Life
If You Felt Like This Now?

All of this is possible for you!

My clients are living proof. You can achieve this too.

The Old Way Of Losing Weight

The old way of losing weight would have been following a restrictive plan which was not only miserable, but unsustainable - meaning you'd quickly end up back where you started, but this time craving all the foods you had cut out. 

The diet industry STILL doesn't do anything to help to fix the cause. 

Its like pulling the head off a dandelion, but not pulling the root out -

it will always come back!

Weight Loss Remodelled is holistic. Yes we need a calorie deficit to lose weight, but I also teach you all the other aspects of weight loss and food freedom too!

Meaning once you have completed this program you will never need to actually diet again!


How? The answer is easy:

Let Me Help You

Weight Loss Remodelled is my signature tried and tested 1:1 programme proven to not only change your body, but also how you see things. Its this mindset work that ensures results are long lasting and that you achieve results NOT through grit, determination and motivation (which are all short lived), but through reframing your thoughts so that you genuinely love the new way of doing things. 

Expect to feel more energised, in control and happy as we work together and I guide you through every single step in great detail.

It's Not Your Fault 

 X You're NOT weak...
X You're NOT useless...
X You're NOT lazy...
X You're NOT a failure...

You're human!!


...Worse still, of those who tried, 83% ended up heavier not lighter!

* Dr Freedhoff ~ 2014

In Weight Loss Remodelled we look to fix the cause 

NOT just the symptom (the weight gain is a symptom of the cause and bigger picture).

My methodology focuses heavily on causes of weight gain like behaviour, emotions, triggers and habits around food and drink which is why the weight stays off for good....

As when the cause is removed, there are no symptoms/weight gain...

WLR (Weight Loss Remodelled) teaches you why it never worked before and shows you how

to go about it differently this time...

The program is a mixture of 1:1 coaching teamed with a very comprehensive education program, geared to provide;

* Individual motivation, accountability and support 

* Recipes, personal nutrition plan and structured activity

* Includes a world leading DNA test which will analyse where you need to improve (see below)

* The first of its kind in this approach - a mix of online learning, 1:1 work and 

 community support.

Traditional Self-Led Diets Only Lead To...

Frustration, Restriction & Failure

1. You may feel like you are trying all the time but never getting anywhere

Weight Loss Remodelled includes weekly 1:1 calls and support to give you bespoke advice and structure on why it hasn't worked before. You won't be on your own guessing anymore, which means results WILL come quickly and if something isn't working,  you have a coach to figure out why not and change things quickly to ensure time isn't wasted. 

2. Short-bursts of motivation will quickly fade and you are just left with a cycle of yo-yoing between excessive control and saying "life's too short" and going back to your old ways. 

Unlimited support and accountability will be delivered with a healthy dose of motivation, meaning I will not let you fail... This programme comes with a guarantee and I am so confident that if you follow all the steps you will get your result.

If not,  I will refund back the cost of the program. 

There Is A Better Way;
A More Mindful Way...

In just 12 weeks you can:

Achieve Permanent 

Weight Loss

No more yo-yoing

Doing the work properly (ie re-wiring the mind, learning about food and making lots of small changes) means there will be no 're-bound'... We are not banning any kind of food, so there's no fear of restriction or missing out. Past clients have felt that whilst they could eat what they want whilst on plan, they tend to end up preferring the new way. No one has yet gone back to their old way of eating as feeling light, happy, energised and free feels WAY better than any particular food, however tasty...  

Feel Like The Old You

It's common to lose our identity after weight gain 

~ lets get you back ~

This means getting your confidence and zest for life back. Having the energy and the desire to go out more, socialise more and even feel more in control of things. When our eating becomes disordered, it can feel like we have no control over our lives either, yet when you have got this 'together', life just feels easier. 

When you combine these 3 outcomes you achieve a


Achieve Freedom Around Food

No need to rely on extreme self control....

Imagine stopping eating certain things NOT because you weren't allowed to, but because they no longer have any emotional charge over you.. Identifying triggers and self sabotaging behaviour helps you see things for just what they are and once we've fixed that, the need for extreme self discipline and willpower goes. 

And I will show you how ....



I am so confident that this programme will deliver significant weight loss I will refund the full cost should you not get a result, as long as you follow every step...


Hi, I'm Annabelle

aka 'The Mindful Diet Coach' 

I am a Wellness Coach holding qualifications across the board in Physical Training, Nutrition and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

I am a 'Master Practitioner' in NLP and certified 'Transformation Coach'. 

I have over 10 years professional experience in helping people just like you become the healthiest version of themselves. My aim is to empower people who are tired of being at war with their bodies and who are ready to go from tired, defeated and unhappy with their situation to confident, energised and to find themselves again. I am not your typical health coach - I trained in my 30s after I  had a big weight loss journey to tackle myself (-5 stone), I spent the first part of my life HATING exercise and healthy food, working in the corporate world and struggling to get through the week without wine and antidepressants. Things had spiralled to such a degree I literally hated myself. Admittedly I’d always had the type of personality to go OTT with food and drink, eating out a LOT and had a complex and emotional relationship with food (having done diet pills, crash diets and any other quick fix I could get my hands on). I learnt so much through my own weight loss journey that I fully understood the complex psychological, emotional and even addictive behaviours around food, I then educated myself professionally so I could help others do the same. 

This is why I specialise in psychology focused weight loss. In the ‘diet industry’ we have a strange situation – there has NEVER been more free information out there – anyone can jump on Google and find free diets/recipes and workouts, it’s also never been easier to get healthy – with restaurants displaying calories, garages selling healthy salads, the evolution of places like juice bars and many companies now subsidising gym memberships, but we haven’t become healthier as a nation – quite the opposite! Rates of obesity and metabolic diseases like diabetes have never been higher. This is not a lack of knowledge or physical problem, but something deeper that needs tackling at root cause both mentally 

(e.g emotional eating) and practically (people nowadays have very little spare time whilst working, running a home and raising a family etc.)

My days are now spent working with busy & overwhelmed people using my signature methodology which is simple, realistic and easily actionable, no matter how little time they have.

...Now it's your turn!

My clients come to me feeling unhappy, lost and overwhelmed and leave having reclaimed their confidence and life


Now its your turn...

You Don't Have To Do This Alone

For many people it can feel incredibly hard to lose weight, especially when they are doing it alone and with only their (often short lived) motivation to keep them going. Every time they try and fail, it reinforces the belief that they will never achieve it. Not everyone can do everything, and there is always someone that can help. If I need my accounts doing I speak with my accountant (as I am useless at that), if I need some work done around the house I will hire a plumber/electrician as I know they help people day in/day out to these tasks. It is the same with health matters; if you are struggling, then getting a coach to help you will

finally get this done once and for all...

Now you can finally lose weight and keep it off,

Even if you feel like you've failed a thousands of times before.

This Means No More...

X  Confusion about the 'right' and 'wrong' foods to eat

X  Guilt about failing again

X  Mental tug-of-war about what you should be doing 

X  Having to dress to flatter your shape

X Getting undressed in the dark

X Avoiding social and intimate situations due to your figure

Take matters into your own hands;
Reclaim your life, starting now.

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What Is Involved?

Weight Loss Remodelled uses my signature methodology 'The Mindful Diet Method'(TM) which combines bespoke nutrition plans, personalised exercise advice and most importantly all the mindset and 'behind the scenes' work, which ensures that you are 'In The Zone' and once this is set up, it all becomes easy....

This combination leaves no stone unturned. You not only have the practical advice, but the obstacles you have faced before (and are likely to face again) are dealt with BEFORE they become a problem

All approaches are tailored to you, your lifestyle, your goals and your struggles. 

No cookie cutter programmes here!

You'll Have Unlimited Support 

Guiding you through every step 

Coaching calls

Coaching support with me for feedback, motivation, support & accountability.

Direct messaging

You'll have my What's App for any questions.... 

Any time.....

Group support

Get the community support of a group to learn and grow together

What will you look like in 12 weeks?

My Signature Methodology 

Uses the '3 M's'


Helping you achieve Freedom Around Food, ensuring once you're 'in the zone' it's easy

Teaching you why it didn't work before, reframing how you see food and looking at the root cause of weight gain 

  • A deep-dive with no time limit to look into your medical history, goals, health and circumstances and also establish trigger foods, behavioural patterns and past barriers to success to ensure your plan is created perfectly for you.

  • 12 Weekly 1-1 calls to track progress, where I will make adaptions to the plan if needed. These calls will include mindset work and I will call on a range of modalities such as NLP and hypnosis if required. 

  • A workbook containing 12 x modules and videos to teach the science and facts. This structured weekly approach to learning ensures you’re on track for a huge transformation. 

  • ‘Coach in your pocket’ Service (Unlimited support and guidance from myself via Whats App).

  • Access to a supportive group of clients also on the same journey. 
Lifelong friends have been made here and via our social events. 

  • Create your own vision board.

  • Lots of mindset work including finding your limiting beliefs, working with the subconscious mind, motivation, mindfulness and meditations. 

  • This program is aimed to enable flexibility and reduce guilt around food.


All matters Nutrition & Hydration tailored just to you 

Supporting you all the way with recipes, inspiration and accountability on your choices

  • Your own food diary analysed to see where you need to improve, then a bespoke plan will be written for you, including nutritional advice & an exercise schedule. This will be updated whenever necessary. 

  • Access to an exclusive members area online containing a HUGE library of free resources - I believe the largest of any coach, including guides on blood sugar control, protein, alcohol, time saving hacks, snack ideas and much more.

  • When you are my client you also have free access to any plan/guide I sell online. 

  • You can mostly eat what you enjoy within this programme as long as it fits your targets, however for those who like a solid structure there is a full range of flexible meal plans and recipes with corresponding shopping lists for some food inspiration. Aside from the standard weight loss and health options I have also included high protein, dairy & gluten free and vegetarian plans. 

  • You will gain a great understanding of nutrition and how to make good food choices.

  • Nutrition tips and hacks to make life easier.

  • You will learn so much about foods as often choices which look healthy can be deceptive. 

Movement & Misc

(Lifestyle, Activity & Everything Else)

An activity schedule, new habits that will last a lifetime plus everything

in between.

  • Your very own smart scale, which tells you exactly how much fat you are losing, plus tells us about your bone mass, muscle mass and many other key metrics so we can pinpoint and manage results. 

  • A comprehensive full health assessment including lab tests                                            * The test you will receive is a Muhdo DNA Health Test Kit, see below

  • Weekly activities to deepen your understanding of what you need to do. 

  • Support from a group of like-minded via the Facebook community

  • A gym programme (if that is your thing, or some other ideas of exercise options) and how to track them in a log. 

  • Goal Setting Support.

  • Guidance on new daily habits, time management and planning so you never fail again. 

  • Understanding addictive foods, emotional eating and your triggers. 

Your DNA Test Included ...
As Seen On This Morning & The BBC

Click on image for full information 


Your Scales Included...

5* Amazon Rated 

Weight Loss Remodelled Teaches You
Everything You Need To Do Step-By -Step

...Even if you've tried & failed many times before..

Weight Loss Remodelled is different - hence the name! This programme is specifically designed for people who are at their 'wits end' with starting and failing and seem unable to self regulate and control habits and behaviours around food and drink. It is a new approach. 

...Even if you don't have much time..

The program is self paced with bespoke 1 - 1 coaching every week for 12 weeks plus self-directed learning - you do it when you have time and there's no expiry date. You don't go onto the next chapter until you have completed the current one. This is designed to reduce overwhelm - the very thing we are trying to avoid!

...Even if you've always regained any losses you got before...

My signature methodology will break you out the diet loop as you will actually enjoy the process rather than viewing it as a temporary sacrifice. I will be by your side for the initial weight loss then I will set you up for success with all the knowledge to continue yourself. Rather than giving you a 'diet' you will learn how to eat forever. 

...Even if 'doing everything right' before hasn't worked..

This is why you also have 1 - 1 calls; you won't be doing this alone anymore, I will be there at every step and will ensure you get the result you want. 

No matter where your starting point is, by the end of this program you will have everything you need to live a life of freedom around food. 

100% Satisfaction In An Independent
Survey Monkey Report Jan '24


There are many other weight loss programs....

What Makes Weight Loss Remodelled

Everyone will have a different plan to follow

Although you have the same workbook (as the actual science aspect of weight loss is the same for anyone), every client will have a totally bespoke plan and 1:1 call where I will tailor my advice to get the best result. My coaching style will also adapt to what I think will motivate you, as everyone responds differently.

No foods are banned

Amongst other things this plan is designed to stop destructive behaviour around food such as binge eating! And banning foods you enjoy will only make you want them more! I want this to be a sustainable and enjoyable way of eating, so if you enjoy a glass of red at the weekend then why not!

Flexible options

You work through this programme at your pace...

Each chapter is designed to be simple enough that it will take under half an hour however if you struggle to get that done we can work at your rate...

My experience and qualifications

Sadly the coaching industry isn't as tightly regulated as you deserve! You could become a coach tomorrow without any legitimate qualifications. I have an NVQ Level 3 in Nutrition, Level 2 & 3 in Personal Training and am a Master NLP Practitioner amongst many other CDP & further education courses such as Female Specific Weight Loss, Menopause Training and Ante & Post Natal (all certificates available on request). I am fully insured and  have worked full time professionally with thousands of clients over the last 10+ years. 50 hours a week X 50 weeks of the year = 2,500 hours of coaching per year, over 10+ years you can do the maths and see you're in safe hands. Please feel free to check out my Google reviews and Survey Monkey Report for your peace of mind.  

My Commitment To Your Journey

I've been there, I get it how hard it can be and understand the many emotions involved when you feel ‘stuck’…. This is why I do all the coaching myself and will never hire anyone else in to join my team. Whilst there have been times in the past when I’ve been doing 16+ hour days I’ll admit I had considered it before, but I want to be able to personally over-see each and every client to ensure the very best is being done for them and they are succeeding. Aside from the program guarantee, I give you my word I will do everything within my power to fix this for you…

I know it can be scary to trust someone you've just seen online, but I won't be a stranger for long, we will be working together tightly for several months. 

Happy Woman Posing

It's 12 weeks from now and you are 2 stone lighter. The stand out change isn't just the fact you are slimmer, its the new found confidence, the way you hold yourself and the freedom you feel which is obvious.

Life feels so much easier (imagine walking around now with a 2 stone backpack 24/7 - carrying that extra weight was so tiring and now its gone you have so much more energy).

People you haven't seen for a while are commenting on how well you look and for once you don't hate the pictures people have taken of you.

You need to order an outfit for an occasion in a few weeks and this time you enjoy shopping, as you can wear that you like, NOT what flatters you.

Life is good!


.....And all you have to do is show up for yourself for 12 weeks 

Fast Forward 3 months From Now...

Your Future Self Is Thriving!

Let me paint a picture for you....

Frequently Asked 

How much time will do I need to commit? 

 This is designed to be a 12 week program (1 module and call a week) which can easily fit into the busiest of lives, however you do not have to do a module each week, you can work through the workbook totally at your own pace.

What happens next? 

After having your initial consultation with me, if you decide to go ahead I will send you all the relevant information such as a welcome pack and your biometric scales & DNA test kit. Once I have analysed 7 days of your food diary (so I can take into account what you enjoy and your lifestyle) I will provide you with a bespoke food plan. We start whenever you feel ready to do so.. Every 7 days you will then check in with your stats and we will have a 1:1 phone call for me to guide, motivate and tailor your journey. The videos/online aspect should take no more than 30 mins a week..12 weeks is an ideal time to avoid taking on too much, however if you would prefer to take longer, or do it sooner that is fine too. ​

I've been like this my whole life, is it too late to change?

Never! Because of a wonderful thing called Neuroplasticity we are able to learn and change at any time. This is where the NLP comes in; this coaching method is particularly suited if we need to change some hard wired beliefs, behaviours and habits at subconscious level, as if you consciously want a change (yet your inner thoughts are conflicted) you will never move forwards.


How much does it cost & do I have to pay all at once?

Weight Loss Remodelled is a very comprehensive 1:1 programme, where we will be working together for at least a 3 month period. The investment is £333 every 4 weeks (first payment of £333 due at the commitment stage, then x3 further £333 taken x4 weeks apart. I do offer a £180 discount if paid upfront which reduces the programme to £1150.

What if this programme isn't right for me?

Before committing, I also want to ensure that this is the good fit for you. You'll have a free consultation before signing up to to check if this is the right match for your needs. Should you not get the minimum result by the end of the program you may request a refund where the program cost is entirely refundable providing you adhered to the terms & conditions stated in the link above. 

Happy Woman
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